Mechanical Engineering & Production

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Mechanical engineering, like many other industries, is affected by digitization. This is nothing new; it is just the question of how large and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from it on international markets. Keywords such as “Digital Engineering” and “Industry 4.0” do not help. Rather, it’s about solutions that can be implemented for process efficiency with relatively little technical effort. The item Industrietechnik GmbH has formulated five theses in the study What does the future of mechanical engineering look like? (2019) concerning this matter.

  1. Construction workflows become more useful when 3D data is available omnipresent.
    “There is a clear advantage if components must no longer be copied, but can be integrated directly into your design. If the purchasing department only has to check off the order through direct transmission via OCI interface, the error-prone duplicate input of data is also eliminated here.” – S. Hübscher, designer and instructor Edag Engineering GmbH
  2. The outsourcing of time-consuming design tasks to specialized providers has become easier than before.
    “Internal design departments have become significantly smaller in recent years or disappear in many companies. The outsourcing of time-consuming design tasks to specialized providers becomes easier to represent. For these providers, it will be crucial to prevent over-engineering and thus unnecessary material and work expenditure using suitable configurators. Comprehensive archives for design data are also important, from which, for example, a lifting door of the current design can then be added as a completely configured unit. ” – D. Karst, Head of Construction Customer Solution item Industrietechnik GmbH
  3. Work for mechanical engineers in the field of customer solution design is becoming even more stressful.
    “Having information does not mean that you can immediately interpret and use it correctly. However, it is now expected by the customer. In the meantime, the high availability of 3D data is becoming a time factor of its own for research and integration into one’s project. ” – R. Kösters, Executive Director HF Ingenieurbüro GmbH
  4. Individuals and companies must engage in a completely new business world in mechanical engineering.
    “People and companies that have previously been successful need to reinvent themselves to continue to be successful in the future. Both the individual and the mechanical engineering company must be able to engage in a completely new business world. There used to be a chronological process – today, multi-dimensional thinking is necessary. ” – W. Kurtz, Business Line item Industrietechnik GmbH
  5. In the future, there will be an even greater demand for technologically affiliated new entrants with industry-specific training.
    “Finding young employees who grew up in a digitized world is becoming an important challenge for many companies. The trend of recent years has rather gone away from doing any training at all, with the focus on studying. Mechanical engineering was not always the first choice there. ” – D. Viehoever, Managing Director, Viehoever Sondermaschinen GmbH
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