Sworn Translations

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Certificates and documents such as statements of claim, contracts, or the driving license may only be translated by sworn translators. The exact rules are different depending on the country.

So, for example, if you want a certificate of good conduct to be translated or a work certificate to apply for a job or to receive unemployment benefits in Germany, you need a language expert who has taken a general oath at a regional court, a Higher Regional Court or an internal authority. This oath is valid according to sect. 189, para. 2 GVG before all courts of the Federal Republic of Germany and its states.

You will then receive a sworn translation. This differs depending on the state. In doing so, the translator certifies to you in accordance with with sect. 142, para. 3 ZPO that the translation is correct and complete.

We will gladly advise you if you wish to have an official document translated and send you an offer. Please check beforehand that there are no errors in the document, i.e., the name or location is correct. The translator can only write a note in case of errors. Scan the document or certificate as a PDF and send it to us so that we can assess the scope of the translation. Please do not send us any photos of the document.